Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dream Journal #1: Two Dogs

I've decided, based on the fact that my dreams are becoming more vivid lately, to begin dream-journaling again. Most of the ones i experience will be blogged. I recently had one that was oddly disturbing, and hasn't lost it's potency, which i'll transcribe here.

In the dream, i'm walking along a roadway through what appears to be a rather run-down part of a town. Most of the houses or buildings along the way are facing away from this road . . . back fences and garbage cans are present. There are several individuals sitting or standing along the road . . . all appear to be ragged, and i understand in the dream that they're homeless, and in various states of intoxication. I approach an area where garbage cans are sitting, and see a dog, possibly a mongrel with some German Shepherd ancestry. The dog is emaciated, with unkmept fur. Still, i attempt to befriend it . . . i call it over, and pat its head. The dog becomes excited, and through the dream i hear music, and what appears to be the dog's "thoughts." Although i don't recall the exact words, the run of the thoughts (which continue until i awaken) i'm getting are both plaintive and somehow menacing. The dog follows me, jumping at first in a way that seems almost playful, but then it grips my arm in its jaws. I'm not aware of any pain, but there is a sense of weight, tugging, and i'm hindered in my motions. I continue walking away, trying to get away from the dog, but it stays with me, not releasing my arm. I pass along a chain-link fence bordering what appears to be a baseball field. The overall look of the sky and trees appears to be winter, and there are spots of snow and puddles of water along the way, but no sense of cold. I become aware of another dog that's moving alongside of me, but on the other side of the mongrel. It appears as a full-blooded German Shepherd, but full-bodied and with a very healthy-looking coat. I sense this dog is extremely friendly, and doesn't wish me any harm. As i pass by the baseball field, there are discarded packages of half-eaten snacks along the way, an i think momentarily of trying to distract the dog that's holding on to me with these, but i also fear that it will only encourage the mongrel to follow me. It's at this point that i wake up.

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