Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dream Journal #2: The Mephit

In this dream, i am in a place that appears much like our family's camp on the Greenbrier River. Throughout the dream, there is a child's voice, narrating the events as i experience them. I am vaguely aware that there are other people in the campsite, but i neither see nor encounter them directly. There is a creature that i first identify as a skunk, loose in the room. I try to get it to leave by throwing various objects at it, but it isn't deterred by this. As it moves about, it seems to become more intelligent, somewhat anthropomorphic. It begins moving various objects in the room, tilting pictures sideways, disarranging various knick-knacks, and otherwise "messing things up." I was distressed by this for reasons unknown. The creature moves into another room, apparently intending to further it's mischief, when i hear the child's voice talking about the creature, saying, "But he didn't know about the _____ upstairs that was going to stop him." (The blank represents a word that i don't know). At that point, i hear a sound from the attic space. It seems to be a mixture of an eagle's cry, and owl's call, and a woman's scream. It is frightening because i don't know the source, but i also understand that it means to harm the creature and not me. At that point, i awaken.

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